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Sense of Play

"Yet, whatever weighs upon us with a vague heaviness or with the warm palpitation of life, whatever has a bark, a covering, a fur, or even stone, though it be shaped by blows or rounded by the flow of waters, or left intact in texture - all these things are but occasions for the work of the hands.  

Henri Focillon "In Praise of Hands" 

Richard in corner.jpg
11. Hanessian Sensorium Installation .jpg
12. Hanessian, Detail from Sensorium .jpg
Foot piece.jpg
Best R in Corner.jpg

Close your eyes, feel my vision. Our sensory world is both hardwired and formed by our daily interactions. Touch, our meta human sense has profound consequences when there is a lack of or an abundance from primary moments to the end of our lives. Sense Sensation invited participants to have a touch-based perceptual experience to consider how much one perceives through our physical sensations and our expectations.

Damfino's dinner
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