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Eye on the Future is an interdisciplinary film constructed by four artists in collaboration with their community. It is part of a trilogy of artistic projects focusing on the effects of  hurricanes in Florida by Social Practice artist Holly Hanessian. Prominent in creating the video are the choreographer Leah Bailey, video artist Kiley Brandt, and sound artist Matt Ramage,  who created the sound world. The video symbolically expresses the intensity and emotional impact hurricanes have on the lives of Florida citizens.  

The Little Sun solar lights play another important role in an educational Kit called a Go-Pack developed by Hanessian. The Kit is used as an educational tool to inform citizens at public libraries in the State of Florida to sustainably use water and energy before, during and after a hurricane.

"Eye on the Future" focuses on the North Florida landscape where hurricanes occur regularly. Our collaborative team gathered an intergenerational local community with shared values to highlight solar energy and a commitment to the arts. The performers held Little Sun solar lights to emphasize sustainability and the consequences of global warming and increased hurricanes in our region.

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