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The Hurricane Emergency Art Kit

The Hurricane Emergency Art Kit is a limited edition Kit, that links plastic bottled water to increased hurricanes and global warming.  It has both functional parts (a water filtration system), along with a book, lovely ceramic objects to calm and give pleasure while waiting out the storm. It is intended to evoke scarcity while serving as a soothing and functional moment during a hurricane and is part of an ongoing social practice project for Floridians.

Kit with all parts.png
Temp banner - hurricane relief.png

Read more about this project here

Sawyer on Linen Cloud HEAK.jpg
Single striped cup HEAK.jpg

50 Handmade Books  filled with 65-pages of hurricane preparedness, water and plastic pollution facts, poems, games and resources are also part the Kit, along with a children's coloring book.  

Detail of games page of Book HEAK copy.jpeg
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