Touch in Real Time On the Road in New Orleans and Houston

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I just completed the first of my winter events in New Orleans and Houston. The experiences were completely different but the same. I looked deeply into the eyes of those I held hands with and told them each a slightly different story depending on the person, age and level of engagement.

In New Orleans, amid the purple and gold of Mardi Gras ribbons and purple of fans from the ravens football team, I set-up my table and started shaking hands.
I was in the French Quarter between buskers on Royal Street the Friday before Super bowl. I cajoled a policeman into shaking hands, a few drunkards but mostly people who were genuinely happy post-handshake and I believe will remember the moment. I did take breaks and eat King Cake provided by my generous host Jan Gilbert.

Then, I packed it all up and drove onto to Houston! I arrived at the Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts to a bustling family day activity. In complete counterpoint to NOLA, I shook lots of little hands and parents. Not all though, several people from the larger community came specifically to see the project and hold hands including a neuroscientist and her husband.

Of course, the next day in Houston, a city of 2,145,146 million people (give or take a few tens of thousands), I sat down to the breakfast serendipitously with four men who teach at Arizona State University. Their eyes lifted when I told them I was coming to their community to shake hands. Arizona, here I come!

Next Up: ASU Museum, Tempe, AZ February 8, 2013

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