Open House / Open Studio with Touch in Real Time

On 21 December 2012

December 12, 2012
In early December I had an Open House / Open Studio and “Touch in Real Time” event at my home and studio. I shook hands with people I knew, but an interesting occurrence took place. Immediately I realized that the placement of my table had changed the experience. I had put it in a lovely little green garden lined space between my studio and kiln shed, which is only big enough for the table and few chairs. It was like the kitchen during a house party. Everyone gathered in this spot. It ended up feeling overly close and similar to a wedding ceremony instead of a one on one experience. The intimacy was there but was too inclusive. In the future I will rethink the idea of intimacy and space so it is unencumbered, yet giving enough personal space for both of us when I shake hands. Here are some images of this event. Have a warm and sweet moment with loved ones over the New Years holiday.

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